Before and After: A Blank Canvas Entryway Makeover

by on Jul 29, 2013

"Entryway Makeover A Black Canvas"Shift Ctrl Art

Sometimes a blank canvas is the most intimidating type of space to work with. The possibilities are endless. See how this empty, plain entryway was transformed into a vibrant, functional landing area. I’ll give you a hint – it isn’t white anymore!    

Renovated mudroom with a bench, blur wall paper and a rug.Shift Ctrl Art

Katja used painter’s tape to create arrow stripes, giving the space immediate visual interest and movement. A patterned cushion makes the bench feel welcoming, and the throw pillows add extra pops of color. The shelving underneath works as both an organizational element and a moment of “visual calm” in an otherwise bright and energetic space. And the round rug was also made using painter’s tape, believe it or not! Check out the entire makeover process over on Katja’s blog Shift Ctrl Art.

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