Genius: How to Make a Non-Toxic Mosquito Trap

Genius: How to Make a Non-Toxic Mosquito Trap

Where I live, we're suffering from a MAJOR mosquito invasion. We've talked about repelling the vile creatures before, but this idea from YouTuber mrhulot101 takes the fight to a whole new level. The idea behind his simple, non-toxic contraption  is that mosquitos get sucked into a the air flow of an inexpensive box fan and then get trapped in netting, where they expire due to dehydration. When the netting gets full (yuck) you simply empty the carcasses out and start all over again. The maker says that it works perfectly in enclosed spaces (in the house, garages, stables), but it also helps greatly outdoors too! To hear how to make one yourself (I'm going to give it a try this weekend) click on the video below. And for more videos from the same maker, click here.

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Anonymous on Jul 05, 2014:

I just made one, but I don't get the purpose of the cardboard. The netting goes on the side of the fan that blows out, so when you turn it on it gets blown into that shape anyways. I just duct taped a scrap of sheer curtain fabric to the front of a box fan and turned it on full speed. There's already tons of bugs in it. I don't know how many are mosquitos. I accidently discover when I was testing it out that it makes a decent makeshift vacuum, and does a great job of picking up cat hair...

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