5 Pieces Of Outdoor Furniture You Can Build Yourself

5 Pieces Of Outdoor Furniture You Can Build Yourself

Shopping for outdoor furniture can be a ghastly task. Why not build your own? Here are five pieces to inspire you to break out the tools!       

1. Use pallet boards to create a simple set of furniture. Photo via Harwell Photography.

2. For $30, you can build a beautiful bench from concrete blocks! Photo via Better Homes & Gardens.

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3. Working again with wood pallets, this giant succulent table would be perfect on any patio. Photo via Far Out Flora.

4. Kill two birds with one stone and build a cooler INSIDE your patio table! Photo via Domesticated Engineer.

5. This outdoor fireplace is a definite show-stopper and one you can build in a weekend! Photo via The Brick House.

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Aaron on Apr 06, 2016:

Do you have links to some of these plans? These are awesome!

Albert on Jul 18, 2013:

Where could I find plans for those pallet couches in the first image?

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