No Hands Garbage Can

No Hands Garbage Can

When you use a public rest room, do you avoid touching anything after you wash your hands? Do you use a paper towel to open the door, and then just before you slip out of the room you shove the towel in the garbage can, trying to escape contact with the flapper cover thingy? This last part is always the trickiest maneuver of your escape. Well, thanks to Touchless Garbage Cans, now all public and private bathrooms can have hands free battery operated garbage cans. Using infrared sensors, the can’s lid opens when you approach and closes after you leave. Now if they’d just outfit all bathroom doors with the same technology, that would be a germ-a-phobe’s dream.

Pictured is the stainless steel, 13 1/2 gallon option ($105.95). Others to choose from include a 2 gallon plastic garbage can for $39.95 up to a 22 gallon stainless steel receptacle for $189.95.

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