Make It: Wooden Anthro-Inspired Mirror DIY

Make It: Wooden Anthro-Inspired Mirror DIY

So... That mirror on the left? See it? Yeah, that one. It's pretty, for sure, but $1800 pretty? Not so much. As with many a beautiful-yet-insanely-overpriced Anthropologie object, this mirror was a springboard for a much less expensive DIY version! Check it out below.      

Brit from Brit + Co. spied this online exclusive from Anthropologie (and its accompanying $1800 price tag -- I'm still in shock) and knew a more affordable DIY version was in her future. An afternoon and less than $20 later, she had it!

All the necessary supplies, namely circular mirrors and wooden discs, can be purchased from just about any craft store. Alternately, you could stick closer to the original and use varying sizes of branches and logs. Whichever look you go for, the steps are just about the same -- check 'em out over on Brit + Co.

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