How To: Make a Terra Cotta Pot Wreath

How To: Make a Terra Cotta Pot Wreath

A local nursery, Bachman's, sponsors an 'Idea House' every spring, fall and 'holiday', providing onlookers with a wealth of design inspiration. In 2011, their Spring Idea House featured the most darling wreath ever made of tiny terra cotta  pots. Jeanne snapped a pic of the wreath and then, later, decided to recreate it. If you're as smitten as I, you'll want to take a look at her how-to, which you can find by clicking here. As for more photos from past Idea Houses, visit here. It provides links to the individual seasons/years (at the end of the page). As for Jeanne's version, here it is:

The Pot Wreath - BKB Style & Tutorial [Bees Knees Bungalow]

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Aimee on Jul 09, 2013:

Love, love, love this!

Anonymous on Jul 09, 2013:

Cool nice country

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