DIY Vintage Jeans...Coffee style!

It's amazing the things you can find in the dumpster. We found some expired coffee grounds that were thrown out and decided to use them to making an old pair of worn out jeans look vintage and hip. Below, we'll show you how - including a video of the whole process at the bottom!

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1. First off, to make the dye, you will need 2 bags of coffee grounds (About 10 oz each), preferable Espresso. 

DIY Vintage Jeans...Coffee style!


2. Then, get a 3-5 gallon bucket. We got ours for free at a local ice cream shop, but any kind of bucket should work.


3. Next, you will have to make a filter. We used some old stockings that we cut the tops off and filled with the coffee grounds. Then make sure you tie the tops tightly. 

4. Put the coffee - grounds filled stockings into the bucket and fill it about 3/4 to the top with hot water. Make sure there's enough room for the jeans without the water spilling over. 

5. Let the coffee brew for about 15 to 20 min. Note: The darker the brew, the darker the stain. 



6. Then drop in your jeans and let them sit overnight.


7. The next morning, take out your jeans and throw them in the washer and dryer.


8. Congratulations! You're all done!! Now you've got a nice, light brown tint to your jeans. 



Want an even more 'vintage look'  in your jeans? Here is how to make them distressed.

1. Grab some sandpaper and a couple random objects with a hard surface such as coins, cell phones, mint tins... etc. Put these in the pockets and sand around the edges! 




2. A cheese grater makes a great addition to the smaller abraisions and gives it lots of texture.


3. Or, you could even run them over with your car!


4. Now you've got yourself a one of a kind rad pair of jeans for little or no cost!



If you still can't get enough, watch the video! 


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Macca on Sep 06, 2009:

I found if you drip dry the jeans after soaking and check the colour to see if it's dark enough for your taste you can iron them to lock the colour in better before washing them. Just a warning that they will smell like coffee for a few washes. If they're too dark rise them in clean water before drying and checking the colour again.

baconthecat on Jul 22, 2007:

Neat! I wish we could see the entire pair of jeans post-dye to get the full effect though; both the video and the picture only show a closeup section. I think this would be good for 'dressing up' or updating an old pair of jeans, rather than using a brand new pair (as I doubt most people would). Anyhow, it makes more sense than deliberately buying a pair that comes with the 'distressed' look for $200. Or, if you found a good pair of jeans for pretty cheap and you wanted this look, then this is what you would do.

sillygirl on May 09, 2007:

I don't know about the jeans, but the laptop cover thing in the video has been driving me NUTZ! There are all these laptop sleeves out there to protect your laptop, but then you have to take it out to use it, leaving it totally vunerable! The one in your video, well it's just a piece of fake fur and some velcro, but why aren't there covers for laptops that protect it but you don't have to remove to use your laptop? Because that whole 'taking it out of the bag' thing is just too much trouble!

I'm working on something to solve the problem for myself. It's based on those fabric covers for text books (Ok, so I always covered mine in brown paper bags...) but it lets you protect your laptop but keeps it totally accessible.

Sorry for the rant, but it's been driving me CRAZY! 

Caya123 on May 08, 2007:

Yes I also have a very hard time understanding the whole concept of deliberately destroying a good pair of jeans. I have a large pile of clothes sitting in my sewing room that need to be mended, not destroyed!

megrockstar on May 07, 2007:

this is so weird that ppl would take a good pair of jeans and do that to them. Not counting the effort to look effortless

c'est la vie

the ppl ask, you answer:) 

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