Before and After: An Affordable Galley Kitchen Makeover

Before and After: An Affordable Galley Kitchen Makeover

Pink tiles, yellowing cabinets and an old laminate countertop made for a pretty dated kitchen... but with some creative thinking the owner was able to transform the space into an open, inviting place to cook.    


Modern appliances and neutral finishes give this new galley kitchen an updated feel. The owner, Judy, also had some of the upper cabinets removed which makes the room feel much larger and more relaxing. Head on over to Apartment Therapy to see how much she spent on the project, and to read more about the process.

Before & After: Galley Kitchen Gets Budget Makeover [Apartment Therapy]      

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Anonymous on Jul 12, 2013:

The shelves in teh "after" hold about 1/4 of the cabinets in teh "before".  Where did all the old stuff like the spices go? 

Hillary on Jul 03, 2013:

The kitchen came out great, but I kind of wish the hard ware on the cabnets had been changed.

faith-towers on Jul 02, 2013:

That's so exciting Stacey, best of luck with your renovations!!!

Stacey on Jul 02, 2013:

Imagine this kitchen, but with only a 3/4 sized stove (24 inches).  This weekend I will be gutting it to put in a full sized stove!  Thanks to the magic of Ikea, we can even keep the full-size dishwasher *and* add 2" of counter space.  I can't wait, this post will be our inspiration for when we start to lose steam!

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