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My New Craft Room: Color First

by on May 7, 2007

For the last month, my craft space––which was more of a repository than an workspace––has been undergoing a transformation. As always, I started with color. The off-white had to go.

Creative interior ideas to design unfinished room.

Lately, I’ve been grooving on blue, but because we prefer comforting, earthy colors, finding a blue to suit our palette was a bit tricky. Although not our favorite paint––quality-wise––Glidden has a handy feature in that they catagorize their paint by the feelings they convey. They include Natural & Comforting, Classic & Neutral, Relaxed & Cozy and Bright & Lively. We discovered a blue that we found particularly pleasing (Casual Blue) that fell into their Natural & Comforting category. Bingo: an earthy blue.

Gray color painted wall.

That taken care of, next to consider was what I needed in my new space. Most important were more organized storage for art supplies, a work station, a comfy place for me and my assistant to sit upon and new window treatments. Taking pencil to paper, I sketched a few ideas, and then we got to work.

Check back over the next few weeks to see the individual elements, which include a new desk made with an old recycled desk top; a re-upholstered rummage-sale-find café chair; stylish storage tins; wallpaper art; and a pen & pencil storage shelf, plus a few other things. And, finally, a reveal of the entire room––just like on HGTV.

Tomorrow: The Work Station

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