Before and After: An Office-Turned-Guestroom Makeover

Before and After: An Office-Turned-Guestroom Makeover

When you're tight on space, sometimes the room you do have needs to pull double duty, like in the case of this office-turned-guestroom!      

The homeowners had already redone the master bedroom, a girl's room, a boy's room, and the family room with help from interior designer and stylist Emily Henderson, but they realized they needed a place for guests to stay -- and with most of their home makeover budget shot, they needed it for as little as possible!

The decision came to turn their little-used office into a guestroom, which now houses a sofa bed (read how they salvaged this vintage beauty here) as well as a small work area. The result? A beautifully functional space for guests and homeowner alike!

Check out Emily's blog to get all the behind-the-scenes info on this makeover!

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