Roundup: 6 Very Cool and DIYable Cat Trees

Roundup: 6 Very Cool and DIYable Cat Trees

Kitties love to climb, so what better way to treat your feline fur-children than to make them a kitty tree? These six ideas range from easy to more advanced on the DIY scale, but all are sensational in their own way. 

Love this creation from Meow Cat. The instructions are slim, but it seems easy enough to make for the a woodworker with the right tools. The circles and cat-head shapes give it personality, don't you think?

An old blue ladder, a crate and a piece of wood covered with an old blanket (towel?) and hanging cat toys make the most eclectic cat tree ever. Adore.

If you know anything about Martha Stewart, you know she's a dog and cat lover, so, of course, she'd have a cool cat tree for her furry felines. This one was made from a fallen branch on her property. Click here for the how-to. Love its sculptural quality.

More of a playhouse than a tree, this next one comes to us from Lowes. They say a 'beginner' can make one in a day for about $40 IF you have to buy all the materials, which includes a concrete tube. Clever alternative use! How-to is right here. 

A couple of boxes, a utility blade and some glue is all it takes to make a two-story cat climber condo like this great reuse idea from Haute Nature

And, finally, I spotted this idea on Jackson Galaxy's website (he's the My Cat From Hell guy). Fans and feline lovers Wendy and David repurposed the drawers from an old dresser to make this inspired cat tree. 

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Jen on Jun 01, 2015:

Suzanne- I was just about to post the same thing.  That bamboo is toxic to cats!!!!

Suzanne on Apr 28, 2015:

Not TOTALLy sure but the plant in the first one (blue ladder ) may be dumb cane and is toxic to both dogs and cats.  Kind of looks like it anyway.  Love the ideas though good job!

Gee on Jul 03, 2013:

Plenty of great designs here.  I'm sure my cats would appreciate one of these around the house. So time to check out what materials I have available.

Serenity de Clare on Jun 24, 2013:

These are very kool!  The book shelf one is the most fuctional piece, for it kills two birds with one stones.  I think that would be the best one for our home.  Thanks for this post!  ;)

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