Before and After: A Musical Family Room Gets a Makeover

Before and After: A Musical Family Room Gets a Makeover

Today's family room/living room makeover allows that piano to take center stage, with a more neutral paint color, statement wall art, and one (now) very colorful piano. Check it out.    

Monica from East Coast Creative painted her piano a bright green and gave the rest of this living area a fresh makeover as well. The end result fits in perfectly with her character-filled dining room, which is adjacent to this one.

I love that this piano now serves as both a functional piece where music can be played and as a design element in the room.

For more photos, visit East Coast Creative.

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Anonymous on Jul 21, 2013:

Why do most people place the piano where the player is facing the wall??  Surely something decorative could be done with the back so the piano player could face the room.

2MakeMusic on Jul 03, 2013:

As a music educator and pianist myself, I can attest that painting the piano is not the best idea. In at least one case that I know of where someone tried to paint a piano, it completely ruined the tone of the instrument. Better to buy a piano in a color and finish you want from the start, and then decorate around it, as others here have suggested.

F. Lehmann on Jul 03, 2013:

I agree with S. King! I can't EVER see the need to paint a beautiful piece of woodwork!!! This is not a makeover, it's a make under. Sorry, but I don't like it and don't think it qualifies as a design.

S King on Jul 03, 2013:

I can't imagine what they were thinking -they could have done SO much for the room - it looks chaotic with the frames corners as decoration above the piano. The colour green could have been incorporated in an area rug in front of it, ot the chair could have a dynamic cushion, or a  bright funky lamp... but to ruin a beautiful piece of art, such as the piano is something that turns my stomach. I understand it is 'each to his own', but my goodness -the room just does NOT look better - the only change was the colour of the piano and the chair placement and, the mess above the piano. Don't see how the frame corners became 'musical'........in my opinion.

Anonymous on Jul 03, 2013:

I like the before much better.

kat on Jul 03, 2013:

They really messed up that beautiful piano... like the "lightness" of the second.. but i think most of that is due to it being in the daytime .. as the before it is dark outside..

Mandy on Jul 03, 2013:

While the colors open everything up and the room now looks more cheery, I kind of cringe at the idea they painted the piano. Good color choice, but it would have still looked nice as is. 

Barbara R on Jul 03, 2013:

The lighter walls look good. I love natural wood, I think they totally ruined the piano, they could have worked around that! 

MeXicalliannie on Jul 03, 2013:

the time of day sure made a difference if you notice the other room and the window. Don't care for the wall art...looks like a framing shop and the green piano? NOPE... not my liking at all. The ceiling stripes are awful!

Anonymous on Jul 03, 2013:

The Before certainly needed some cheering up, but I don't care for the After either. These makeovers usually work for me... wish this one did.

scsi on Jun 28, 2013:

i loveeee this transformation

Cindy S. on Jun 27, 2013:

Think I'd like the "after" better with different art and accessories. The lighter walls and yellow striped ceiling are nice touches, though.

Anonymous on Jun 27, 2013:

 I dont care for the after

Mama Picture This on Jun 27, 2013:

That is really fun and way better than the original room. I wish I could see more of the rest of the room however. 

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