Make It: Colorful DIY Plasti-Dip Key Toppers

Make It: Colorful DIY Plasti-Dip Key Toppers

After seeing this quirky little DIY project, I kinda want to dip everything in colorful plastic! C'mon, admit it, you want to go dip-crazy, too. If you're on board for some colorful customization of totally mundane objects, read on!       

If you have kids old enough to have their own set of keys, or you run a small business/coffee shop/etc. and want to have a little fun, or, heck, you just want to dip some stuff in plastic, this project from Design Milk is for you! With customizable colors and shapes, it's a fun little weekend DIY to idle away the dog-days of summer. Check out what you need and how to do it right here.

DIY Colorful Plasti Dip Key Tops from Design Milk

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