Before and After: A Moroccan Inspired Kitchen Makeover

Before and After: A Moroccan Inspired Kitchen Makeover

I know, I know... this kitchen isn't so bad. It is certainly livable, and the appliances are beautiful. But it doesn't have a lot of personality, and lacks cohesion. You'll just have to trust me that the "after" image is worth seeing.   


Designer Laura Umansky kept the existing appliances and cabinets in place, but changed the color scheme, textures and furniture to create a new space bursting with character. The Moroccan inspired backsplash is the star, while the barstools tie in the floor tiles. To read more about this refreshing makeover and to see other images, head over to HGTV Remodels.

Morocco Inspires Kitchen Remodel [HGTV Remodels]

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Anonymous on Jun 27, 2013:

Ummm, no. The new color scheme could become tired in a hurry, I think. What would have been wrong with a few shots of color and new accessories?

Anonymous on Jun 11, 2013:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the after!!!!!

MD on Jun 11, 2013:

After.  It has so much more light.

Jennifer on Jun 10, 2013:

I like the new island. I like the new backsplash. Hate the funky blue cabinets. Those are gonna shout 2013.

Anonymous on Jun 10, 2013:

before seems warm and inviting

Diane on Jun 10, 2013:

Even though I don't see the Moroccan inspiration (well, maybe a tiny bit in the furniture), I like the 'after' more. Enough with the boring brown in the kitchen:)

M on Jun 10, 2013:

Definitely the before. After is YUCK

Tasha on Jun 10, 2013:

Before. It looks homier and less 'show kitchen'. Like a place I could relax and cook in. 

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