Father's Day Gift Guide: 12 Great Gifts for Cool Dads

Father's Day Gift Guide: 12 Great Gifts for Cool Dads

Dads are notoriously hard to buy for, but a couple of times a year we all reach deep into our gift-giving pockets and wrack our brains trying to determine the 'perfect' gift for Dad. Of course, Father's Day is one of those times and it is coming up fast.   June 16th to be exact. So instead of struggling to figure out a great gift in time for Dad's day this year, just check out this gift guide. It's a whole lot easier than stressing out and there are plenty of affordable gifts to choose from (the vast majority are under $75).    

1. Front Loading Tool Box from Best Made Co $89 

2. Rogue Wallet from Rogue Industries $40 

3. Bottlehook Key Chain from Cool Material $33 

4. Timex Easy Reader Watch from Urban Outiftters $65

5. Asagi Chambray Tie from Need Supply $85

6. iPhone Scuba Suit from Photojojo $60

7. Natural Bristle Shaving Brush from Poketo $18

8. Galaxy Collective Cable from Eastern Collective $17.95 

9. Brown Top Roll Rucksack from Thisispaper $156 

10. Dopp Kit from Topo Designs $25

11. Teroforma Ekke Shot Glasses from Amazon $39.99 

12. Mackbook Heritage Cover from Hardgraft $100 

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Katie on Jun 12, 2013:

Cute Father's Day gift ideas - regardless of naysayers, I still adore fun gift round up posts.  Thanks Curbly folks!

bruno on Jun 10, 2013:

Woah! Skippy! Easy!

First off; feedback is always nice, and it seems like you're trying to be constructive, but just coming off a little harsh ... so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

As for the content; we produce a ton of original content and DIY projects, as well as a lot of roundups and guides. I think both types of content are really useful. 

Cool Material's not a blog, they're a retailer. Photojojo's a blog and a retailer. So your complaint about those two doesn't make sense.

Skippy Hardcoque on Jun 10, 2013:

Wow,  Curbly is starting to look like everyone else's blog. This looks like the Dad's day crap from 2011- melded into the Curlby format ( a blog) 

In fact, blogging about other blogs will nullify us all into non-existence and we shall never find the original creator of anything.

BTW, Cool Material? Why not jusy point to the source of the item? (Corter Handmade).

Photojojo? same deal. skip the middle man and get original content!

heather on Jun 08, 2013:

Love this blog and like the ideas for Father's Day. My dad is very hard to buy for! One idea I think is great for dads that have everything is a Sock Gram. There's a company that will gift wrap crazy socks and ship them out. I like the idea of the bottlehook key chain. It's chic and useful. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and posts!

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