A Tale of Two Dressers: An Incredible Double Dresser IKEA Hack

by on May 28, 2013

A wooden three-drawer dresser.IKEA

The Rast dresser from IKEA, with its untreated pine and minimalist lines, is common fodder for DIY furniture makeovers. This version, though, takes the Rast to a whole new level — times two!      

A dresser has a side area that is open and full of books.Katalin Szentgyörgyi

With some creative hacking, decorative molding, and a few playful pops of color, Katalin from the Hungarian blog Little House gave two Rast dressers an unbelievable (and nearly unrecognizable) makeover. Check out how she did it right here*!

A dresser/bookcase up against a colorful triangle wall.Katalin Szentgyörgyi

*Make sure your browser’s page translation feature is on!

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