How To: Build A Custom Pergola For Your Backyard

How To: Build A Custom Pergola For Your Backyard

During the summer months, the backyard is where we spend most of our time. I've been obsessing over gazebos and pergolas lately, and stumbled upon a really great tutorial for building one yourself! It took less than 15 hours and was so much cheaper than hiring a contractor to come and build one for you!      


Not only did they build that gorgeous pergola, but Jamin and Ashley of The Handmade Home made other exterior updates that really brightened up their patio. For around $500, you can have a gorgeous and custom pergola dressing up your backyard. The idea of building something this large may seem daunting, but when broken down into a few simple steps, it's totally doable!

Here are the basics: 

  • Buy posts and planks to fit the size pergola you desire. If you're planning to paint, pine is a great choice. For the natural wood look, stick with cedar.
  • Anchor your posts by setting them to conrete or placing them in cement-filled holes. Make sure you use a level!
  • Add end beams and knee-braces to those beams. The knee braces are those diagonal supports that stiffen the structure and add extra support.
  • Add cross beams. If you are planning to have vines or another plant grow on the pergola, place the beams closer together. 
  • Add top beams.
  • Paint and seal!

To see step-by-step photos and read more detail, visit The Handmade Home for the complete how-to!

How To Build A Pergola by [The Handmade Home]

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