From Avocado to Jade: A Green Kitchen Done Right

From Avocado to Jade: A Green Kitchen Done Right
Designer Constance Ramos helps us see how to do green the right way in this  1970's kitchen makeover. The old avocado countertops looked a bit sickly, so Constance had them replaced with  gray/white granite tiles, but she didn't turn her back on green entirely. Now the cupboards sport a fresh and more modern jade. To see more pictures of the makeover, visit HGTV.

It's Easier Being Green [HGTV]

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Anonymous on Jun 06, 2013:

Glad I"m not the only one that thinks the before was better.

Anonymous on May 23, 2013:

The before is way better. More interesting, unique. 

Fred on May 20, 2013:

I prefer by far the Before picture. The counters look sharp, the wood panels are lived in, but inviting and warm, the floor tiles are funky, retro and fun... I wouldn't mind shanging the lighting but it's something else. In the After picture, the overall effet is cold and cheap. The green tone that was chosen for the cabinets is dulled and clashes with the rest of the dining room. The cabinet knobs are not pleasing to my eye at all, neither is the counter material. Feels heavy and sterile.

Just changing the lighting would have done it, in my opinion. Not the best makeover, at all.

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