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How To: A Simple Rope Shelf Tutorial

by on May 13, 2013

ReCreate Home

In my humble opinion, rope is an underutilized material. It emanates a subtle maritime vibe… something I like to call “nautical glam.” It’s also cheap and very versatile. Last week we showed you how to make a rope swing, and today we’ll teach you how to make a rope shelf to hang on your wall.   

A shelf shaped like a house with picture frames on it.ReCreate Home

The material list is short, and the final product looks pretty great. The tutorial also leaves room for you to add your own touch… try painting the shelves a different color, or use 3 boards instead of 4. The sky’s the limit! Head on over to ReCreate Home for a tutorial and lots of photos. 

DIY Rope Shelves & Chalkboard Paint [ReCreate Home]

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