Light 'Em Up: A Colorful String Light Project

Light 'Em Up: A Colorful String Light Project

Haven't you always wanted to have some string lights hanging over your summer dinner party or in your child's bedroom? It's definitely a fantasy of mine! This easy and colorful project knocked my socks off and it will surprise you too when you see how it was created!       

I've seen cheesecloth used all sorts of ways, but this take is definitely fun and original. To make these string lights, all you need is a little cheesecloth, fabric dye, and mod podge. Melanie Blodgett created this tutorial for Buzzfeed and we are definitely fans!

Quick note: You might be thinking this is a fire hazard, but Melanie assures us that the globe lights don't get hot enough to create a problem! Enjoy your beautiful lights! 

DIY Colorful Globe String Lights by [Melanie Blodgett for Buzzfeed]

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