Eye Candy: Art-Filled Bedrooms and Living Rooms

Eye Candy: Art-Filled Bedrooms and Living Rooms

Art. It can add immediate personality, interest and beauty to any space. It can even mess with our minds, hiding the bad elements of a room and highlighting the good. The vignettes featured in these images serve as great inspiration as to how we might organize and display wall art ourselves; some even perform feats of decor magic. 

The white walls and linens fade into the background in this bedroom,

 creating a canvas for the bright and cheery colors included in the gallery wall. Perfect inspiration for renters who yearn for color, but are prohibited from painting their walls. 

This room looks like it belongs to a voracious reader that has a good eye for combining the seemingly discordant. An excellent example of combining the eclectic

Do you hate how the tv in your bedroom overpowers the space? (All hail the TV god!) How about hiding it within a gallery wall? The photography surrounding this wall-mounted TV does a good job of doing just that.

Eclectic in a totally uptown way, this bedroom seems to break the rules displaying pop art in rather traditional surroundings. 

Who knew the bedding equivalent of paint by number are granny square afghans? It's true!

Now for the living rooms. 
Taking up the entire visible space behind the sofa, the six large prints in this living room make the low ceiling seem rather high.

Minimal-traditional gets a shot of mid-century in this room, thanks to the oversized, very Mad Men-esque print over the fireplace. 

Here's another good example of hidding the TV thanks to the collection of black and white images surrounding it.

This next space looks like it belongs to someone who loves what she loves and doesn't appologize for it. (You go girl.) Another example of discordant elements--in this case, mediums--working together. 

I'm not entirely sure this is a 'real' room, as the image came from a wallpaper (as in desk top wallpaper) website, but let's say it is. What struck me about this room was the choice of wall color. A white wall--like our first bedroom example--can make colorful art really pop. But in this case, because the wall color matches the blue sky of the painting, it seems like it actually enlarges the painting, expanding it, in effect, over the entire wall. 

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