Home Sweet Home: Built From Trash

Home Sweet Home: Built From Trash
Carrie and Elisia had a dream of getting back to nature and getting off the grid. Environmentalists to the core, they decided to build their dream with their own two hands on 6 acres in West Virginia. Using mostly used and recycled materials--including earth-filled tires  for a foundation and newspapers-turned-papercrete--they turned the mobile home pictured above, which they acquired for free, into the home pictured below. Total cost of construction: $10K.

Their inspiring story can be read at Built from Trash, which includes many more pictures and instructions detailing the process.  And for a unique overview, check out their 'Power Point' presentation of the project too. 

Built from Trash 


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chimchimsmom on Jul 04, 2013:

The link is broken.  Would love to see the story!

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