Genius: Building a Pretty Air Return Grille

Genius: Building a Pretty Air Return Grille

Try to find an attractive air return grille at the big box store and you'll be in for a surprise. They won't have any. At least, nothing affordable. Hillary, from The Friendly Home, found a way to DIY an attractive vent cover using some decorative sheet metal she found at Lowes. She trimmed it to size and then framed it out in pine 1 x 2's. Genius! Although she caulked her vent in place, check out the comments in her post for ideas on how to make it removable. Click here to read more details about the project.

created at: 04/15/2013

A better looking return air grille [The Friendly Home]

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Anonymous on Sep 17, 2014:

Not ALL air returns have filters because mine doesn't and never has . The filter goes on the furnace or the airconditioner. This is perfect for a change up . I'm thinking it would have to be removable but then I haven't removed mine in years . I clean them in place.

Rachel on Sep 16, 2014:

Doesn't it have to be removed to change the filter? Don't all air return vents have filters? Looks pretty but seems very impractical.

Sue Flynn on Apr 24, 2013:

Great! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing....

Chris Gardner on Apr 16, 2013:

Genius is right. What an enormous difference this makes!

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