Patterned Paint: Roll-On Paint System

Patterned Paint: Roll-On Paint System

Etsy seller Clare Bosanquet of The Painted House offers up a cool way to add print to just about anything that can take paint. Walls, sure, but also paper, cloth and wood too. Each of the rollers (around $24 USD) needs a special applicator, but even those won't break the bank. The wall applicator is $16 and the fabric one is $32. The foam roller (which holds the paint) are $6 each (I'm guessing they're washable, like traditional foam rollers). To see all of rollers available through Etsy, go here. To see more about the system (and pretty pictures) visit The Painted House directly

created at: 04/09/2013

BUT WAIT! To see how it's done, check out this video.

The Painted House [Via]



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