Before and After: Drab Kitchen Gets A Fresh New Look

Before and After: Drab Kitchen Gets A Fresh New Look

I'm a sucker for a good kitchen makeover... and this is one of the best I've seen. The change is drastic, but the methods used to complete the unbelievable transformation were inexpensive and easy to do.   

created at: 04/01/2013

Incredible, right? Did you notice that the cabinets are the same? They just changed the color; it's amazing what a little paint can do. Head on over to Spots and Stripes for more images and to read all about the renovation process. 

Kitchen Makeover from Spots and Stripes [Via Remodelaholic

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Chris Gardner on Apr 02, 2013:

@Nero and Charmander - I agree with Faith. Photography and styling aside, painting cabinets and the ceiling, replacing floors, countertops, backsplashes, window treatments and furniture is a major makeover project - it's nearly everything you can do in a kitchen, save for appliances and lighting. That's what she was trying to share. I'm sure there was months in between this homeowner's before and after picture. This was a DIY effort, not an HGTV show. Spots and Stripes is telling the story of changing her space into her new kitchen. Please click through the link and check it out - there's a real transformation there.

faith-towers on Apr 02, 2013:

I agree that the after image is a much better photo and that white paint is indeed one of the major changes that took place. But in my opinion, the paint made a huge difference (both on the walls and the ceiling). The owner also refinished the floors, changed the window treatments, installed a new backsplash and countertop, thoughtfully chose furniture, etc.   

Nero on Apr 02, 2013:

First one been taken with blackberry phone and second with Canon EOS 5D Mark II. All the diference i see in before and after is that everything beer repainted in white and after photo beet taken with a longer exposure! :)

charmander on Apr 01, 2013:

Hold on here. The first photo is dark - blinds shut, no table and chairs, no bar stools, nothing.  Of COURSE, the transformation is going to look 100% better. Why not look at a before and after with similar lighting and the photo taken at the same angle - that way you'd actually be able to make a true comparison.

Oh, and by the way, the after shot looks lovely.

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