15 Clever, Colorful Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

by on Mar 19, 2013

Colorful, Clever Kitchen Gadgets Under $30
We’re now in complete construction mode in the Curbly House. Between snowfalls, our contractor is steadily building a much-needed kitchen addition. I’m so looking forward to decorating the kitchen with colorful accessories. Here are some great ones under $30 that are topping my current list, all from the Kitchen selection on Fab!       

1. Rainbow Knives: These knives are spectacular! We own two and love them. The rainbow set is my dream come true.

2. Blue Pantone Placemat and Orange Pantone Mug: I am in love with these placemats and mugs. In love. I want one in every color for my tabletop.

3. Red & Gray Sugar Bowl: This sugar bowl is exactly the type of color/style combination I want in my kitchen. It’s perfection. 

4. Salad Server Plant: Bright colors + House plant = Yes!

More colorful, creative kitchen gadgets under $30

5. Popsicle Stick Molds: Our four-year-old is a popsicle fanatic. And, cool molds are her thing. Because, really, everything tastes better when it has a cool shape and design.

6. Silver Serving Utensils: I love the twisty handles of this timeless serving set.

7. New York City Plate: This plate will help you plan your next Big Apple visit over breakfast. (They have a bunch of other “city” plates too; find one you like!)

8. Leaning Glasses: Your drink is the first thing that will be tipsy when you use these glasses during cocktail hour. 

9. Cuppow Lids: Nothing says summer to me like a kitchen full of mason jars. I can already picture serving cold iced tea and homemade lemonade in jars and adding these lids to sip in style.

Clever, Colorful kitchen gadgets

10. Octopus Creature Cups: An early morning surprise in your coffee mug will never get old.

11. Multicolor Plaid Salad Spoons: I want these salad spoons to serve all my summer salads.

12. Blue Floral Mug/Strainer Lid: Mornings in our house are the busiest time of day, and coffee is a must. My coffee routinely gets cold before I finish my cup. I think this gorgeous mug needs to make its way into my morning.

13. Retro Bowl: This bowl reminds me of my mom, who is a fabulous cook. I think a reminder of your chef mom in the kitchen is a good thing.

14. Yellow Cotton Napkin: I’m a huge fan of cloth napkins. Despite the fact that they require regular washing and ironing, I love the way they make a table setting. These yellow napkins are bright and bold and they make me smile. I also love this line’s navy potholder.

15. Fire Cutting Board: Everything about this cutting board is amazing to me. It would be the perfect way to bring bold pattern into a kitchen.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to having a real kitchen with countertops, an oven, and a sink with a depth greater than 4 inches, and some colorful gadgets. We have been living with this:

created at: 03/18/2013

But, we’re dreaming of this:

created at: 03/18/2013

Now, just use your imagination to dream along with me. And leave me a comment letting me know what you think of my kitchen gadget inspiration!



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