Make It: DIY Storage Ottoman with Wheels

Make It: DIY Storage Ottoman with Wheels

This DIY storage ottoman is a great weekend project that will help you stay organized and provide extra seating. Can you spot what the base is made from?   

Inspired by a coffee table constructed from four simple wood crates, Monica from Mon Makes Things, created a large storage ottoman with comfy upholstered seating. There is plenty of room underneath for books and keepsakes too.

For the full step by step instructions, visit:

Storage Ottoman DIY [Mon Makes Things]

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Helen on Apr 13, 2013:

This is really nice, I'd even like to put a door on one side or another, easier to hide last minute mess.

Andrew James Stevenson on Mar 13, 2013:

That's a super awesome IDEA!

I'll do this when I get a free time this weekend! You know, discovering awesome creations are always fulfilling. Thanks for sharing this idea. I'll really find time for this!


Betty Baez on Mar 09, 2013:


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