5 Attractive DIY Ways to Organize your Recycling

5 Attractive DIY Ways to Organize your Recycling

We can all agree that recycling is important, but bulky recycling bins are not exactly adding style to your home's decor. With a few simple upgrades all that can change though. Here are five attractive do-it-yourself ways to to keep your recycling tidy, with a bonus DIY for how to make your own indoor compost bin.   

1. Use pegboard and wooden crates to organize recycling alongside other household items 

2. Create a recycling station using small trash cans

recycling bin cabinets

3. A recycling bin that you won't even know is there 

recycling with kids

4. A recycling station for kids that doubles as a place for making recycled crafts

storage bins for recycling

5. Creating a pantry recycling center

created at: 03/13/2013

Bonus: How to make an indoor compost bin

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