Make It: Easy Fabric Headboard Tutorial

Make It: Easy Fabric Headboard Tutorial

Fabric headboards with brass nailhead accents have always been appealing to me, but they can be prohibitively expensive. So when I ran across this tutorial, my jaw just about dropped to the floor. And would you believe that it only takes a few hours to make?   


created at: 03/04/2013

This is an easy way to give your bedroom a whole new look, adding a luxurious feel without the scary price tag. Chelsea over at Lovely Indeed will guide you through the whole process, providing thorough step-by-step instructions. Before you know it, you'll have an impressive new headboard that will make you want to lounge in bed even more than you already do!

DIY Belgrave Headboard [via Lovely Indeed]

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Anonymous on Sep 28, 2013:

Looks interesting

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