15 Inventive New Uses for Chalkboard Paint

15 Inventive New Uses for Chalkboard Paint

The chalkboard paint trend has been kicking around the Internet for a while now, and some of you may be over it. I, however, definitely am not. I still can't get enough of the stuff!   

I love that it's both attractive and functional, and it's very versatile too. So scroll on to see fifteen fresh new ways to use this ingenius material.

created at: 02/27/2013

1. Place a chalkboard behind your party treats, and label them using chalk arrows. See more photos of this donut themed party here. [Photo: Elsie Larson]

2. This to-do list board is made with clear chalkboard paint; I had never even heard of this! Imagine all the possibilities.... See the full tutorial here. [Photo: Sugar & Cloth] 

3. A pink door is pretty great... but a pink chalkboard door? Even better. [Photo: Our City Lights]

4. We've seen these wonderful chalkboard table runners, so what about reusable chalkboard placemats? No need for place cards! [Via: Tablecloth Contessa]

5. Add some outdoorsy brightness to your wall with these tree boards. [Via: Facilisimo]

created at: 02/27/2013

6. Paint a dresser a bright color and use chalk to label its contents. See a tutorial over on HGTV. [Photo: Janell Beals]

7. Draw train tracks on a chalkboard table for the kids. [Photo: The Imagination Tree]

8. Label the contents of a drawer, then place a clear organizer on top... genius! See instructions here. [Photo: Teal & Lime]

9. Use a chalkboard to send a message to family and friends. [Photo: Hanna Mac]

10. Remove mason jar lids and paint them with chalkboard paint... now you have easy and stylish labels. [Photo: Kitchen Treaty]

created at: 02/27/2013

11. Find out how to make these colorful reusable gift tags here. [Photo: The Blackboard]

12. You can even use it in the garage or workroom to label cabinets. [Via: KitchAnn Style]

13. The couple behind Young House Love painted their bar cart so that they could use chalk to write fun notes to their guests. [Photo: Kip Dawkins]

14. Organize your fabric (or anything, really) with small chalkboard signs. [Photo: Rethink Design]

15. Paint your stair risers so you can write inspiring messages to yourself. [Via: Painted Love

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faith-towers on Jul 15, 2013:

@Hannah great idea! 

Hannah on Jul 13, 2013:

You could use the chalkboard paint to turn the cover of a boring note pad/book into something you can draw on when bored.

faith-towers on Mar 07, 2013:

Thanks everyone... I know, isn't that clear chalkboard paint amazing? Et merci Fabyreve!

DesigningMom on Mar 07, 2013:

Just thought I'd add that I clipped this thread to Hometalk.

fabyreve on Mar 07, 2013:

Merci. Super bonnes idées. et bonnes recettes pour y arriver

Smile from France



DesigningMom on Mar 07, 2013:

Oh I'm loving the clear chalk board paint. That's just too awesome for words.

Aidel.K on Mar 07, 2013:

This is such a fun roundup! I know I'm going to spend half the day clicking around to all those great links. (You'll tell my husband why it's scrambled eggs for dinner, right?) Thanks. Really.

faith-towers on Mar 03, 2013:

Good tips Mark, thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Pat L. on Mar 02, 2013:

Great ideas Mark!  Thank you.

Mark Cahill on Mar 02, 2013:

You can make the chalk more permanent one of two ways:
1) get liquid chalk. This comes in markers and different sizes. Finds the one that works for you.
2) wet the chalk board first with a damp cloth. This will effectively fix the chalk to the board. You will be able to remove it with a wet cloth.

I use chalk board contact papers to cover the fronts of my storage boxes then use a 5mm liquid chalk pen to label them.

Pat L. on Feb 28, 2013:

Great ideas, but don't forget chalk rubs off easily and is messy.  Anyone have a suggestion for setting it in place?

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