Make It: Folded Book Decor


Make It: Folded Book Decor

My Danish friend Gitte Christensen from Objects & Use is at it again, this time showcasing a guide to upcycling your old thrift store book finds into stunning, inexpensive decor pieces.  

DIY Folding Books via Objects & Use


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Matt Allison on Mar 07, 2013:

Hi CitygrLoo, thanks for the kind words and feedback. I'm sure it is something we can add to the ever growing list of craft projects!

Citygrl00 on Mar 05, 2013:

I love this and have used book folding and paper quilling in my home and artwork with much success. I'd love Curbly to take this post to the next level with information on how best to fold book pages into words and letters. These folded words look fabulous, but tutorials remain hard to find online. I've been trying by trial and error and I know there has to be an easier way. It would be stellar to see this post go further into the world of folded book art and sculptures.

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