Roundup: 10+ Easy and DIYable Closet Door Makeovers

Roundup: 10+ Easy and DIYable Closet Door Makeovers

Bi-fold, sliding, swing. No, they're not classes of ballroom dances; they're  closet door types. Whatever kind of closet doors you have, or whatever you call them, we have a makeover for them. Read on, be inspired and go from slab to fab in no time.  

1. Janet gave her boring white bi-folds an architectural lift with cheap canvas stretcher bars that she applied with 3M tape. Click here to read more about the project and to see the 'before'.

created at: 09/04/2012

2. Some tape and a couple of cans of spray glass frost might be the perfect way to redo mirrored closet doors. (For more ideas, visit this page.)

created at: 2010/01/27

3. Susan used damask wallpaper to give her closet doors a serious punch of color. Click here to see the 'before'.

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4. Speaking of wallpaper, these sliding doors were made over using wallpaper that looked like bead board and some framing strips. Click here to read more about the project and to see a 'before'.

created at: 02/18/2013

5. The Pin Junkie ended up using fusible web and spray adhesive--to adhere fabric to her sliding closet doors--because she ran out of the fusible web after doing the first door, onto which she IRONED ON the fabric. Click here to read how to do it yourself. 

6. This next makeover, although subtle, is just enough to make a BIG difference. Kara was not diggin' her brass-trimmed sliding doors, so a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint was utilized to take care of the situation. Click here to read about the entire process and to see a 'before' pic. 

7. You might not have considered painting sliding doors with chalkboard paint, but after looking at this installation, you just might want to do it yourself. Click here to read more about the project and to see a 'before'.

8. Nobody said you have to go crazy to give your closets doors new life. Sometimes, just a coat of paint will do! This project comes to us from Manhattan Nest.

9. Abby used casing to give her bi-fold doors a fabulous makeover. Read more here.

10. Our final idea isn't the easiest project, but it certainly is one of the most unique. Look carefully and you'll see that this trompe l'oeil is actually camouflaging (I believe) four sets of bi-fold doors. Click here to see more unique closet door ideas.

created at: 02/18/2013

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Cheryl Smith on Oct 28, 2015:

I love the idea of using chalkboard paint. That would be fun, to leave messages, on my husband's door. Hopefully, he would like it just as much as I would. 

Anna on Sep 02, 2013:

Louvre by folds are tricky. I have some. I want to paint them cream color and take out the slate and put rad grill metal or some kind of decorative wire.

DIY Maven on Feb 25, 2013:

Robyn--Check this link starting with the 4th picture down from the top.

Robyn on Feb 22, 2013:

Does anyone have any good ideas for a wooden louvered bi-fold door? I don't think of these ideas apply and I would be grateful for some inspiration.

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