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24 Decor Ideas to Make Your Apartment Fabulous

by on Feb 18, 2013

Although these interior design ideas are geared toward apartment dwellers who decorate at the mercy of rental agreements, they are also perfect for anyone who wants a ‘wow’ makeover without major DIY fuss. Some at the top of the list include…   

Bringing color into a room by painting furniture (instead of walls):

created at: 02/18/2013

Cover unsightly open sinks–and even small vanities–with a skirt. I’d remove any doors on the vanity, and stash them for later re-install, to make access to storage through the cloth easier. 

created at: 02/18/2013

Installing large drapes or curtains over an entire wall not only adds personality and color, it can help diminish outside street noises and it creates an illusion that a window is much larger than it really is.

created at: 02/18/2013

For the rest of the decor ideas to make your apartment fabulous, read the full article at BHG: 

24 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment [Better Homes and Gardens]



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