How to: Make Glamorous Gold Cocktail Coasters

How to: Make Glamorous Gold Cocktail Coasters

When I first saw these gold drink coasters, I figured that they were bought at a high-end boutique (and therefore too pricey for my taste). Boy, was I wrong! It turns out you can easily make these yourself using a few ceramic tiles.   

Metallic accents are a popular trend lately; these coasters would be a great way to add some sparkle to your living room. I love that they appear to have a beautiful texture on the surface, but closer inspection reveals that they are completely flat. Functionally, this is important; there's nothing worse than watching your glass of champagne crash to the floor because of a wonky coaster. And here's the best part - you might already have most of the materials lying around the house. 

created at: 02/17/2013

You may want to experiment with the shapes and colors you use on your coasters; the sky's the limit! Triangles would make an interesting, more angular design. Check out the full tutorial over on Whimseybox.

DIY Gold Caviar Coasters [Whimseybox]


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