Make It: Easy DIY Glitter Accent Bowl

Make It: Easy DIY Glitter Accent Bowl

I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for decorative bowls (And throw pillows! I loves me some throw pillows. Oh, and blankets. And probably ten thousand other things, let's be honest. Anyway, back to bowls...). There's always a use for them, whether they're actually holding anything or just looking pretty. These DIY glitter bowls definitely fall into the latter, straight-eye-candy category, which is fine by me!     

Okay, they could maybe hold a few really lightweight objects, but I'm guessing they're pretty fragile. They are made from glitter and glue after all. Curious to see how to transform the sparkly stuff into bowl form? Check out (the aptly named) Glitter 'N' Glue for a short video tutorial!

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