Capree's Office Makeover, Part 4: The BIG REVEAL!

Capree's Office Makeover, Part 4: The BIG REVEAL!

I've been teasing you all month long and the time has finally come for my big office makeover reveal! Are you ready for this?!? I sure hope so.    

But first, another flashback to the 'before':

created at: 01/30/2013

GROSS. Just... gross. Enough of that, moving on. Let's get to the pretty photos, yes?

created at: 01/30/2013

BAM! (We're still trying to figure out the best way to curb cable clutter, but it's SO MUCH BETTER, right?)

created at: 01/30/2013

We stuck pretty closely to our inspiration boards, even figuring out the best way to include some staggered/stacked floating cabinets. After some searching and considering, we ultimately decided on the Akurum cabinets from IKEA (which are actually kitchen cabinets). They're available in a wide variety of finishes, so if you're thinking of doing something similar, you're bound to find a finish that works with your personal tastes and decor! We went with the birch frame/white door combo. Installing them is a breeze, too. Just make sure you get the right anchors -- and have an assistant.

The desk is the Vika Amon desk from IKEA, which we covered in some wood grain contact paper. Due to some measuring errors (that happens), we also ended up having to saw one of the desktops in half. Hooray for power tools!

Oh, and we can't forget those neon pink legs, right? (If you're thinking of painting your own, here's an easy how-to!)

created at: 01/30/2013

My husband is passionate about music (and movies), so we needed to allow for some space for his equipment -- a corner desk was the perfect solution! We installed a hook under the ubiquitous Lack shelf so he can hang various equipment there when he's not using it. And, of course, we needed a spot to display his movie posters and toys. Obviously.

created at: 01/30/2013

I showed our super chaotic closet in my first post and you're probably wondering why the doors are closed in this photo. That's because we're not quite finished! The closet is currently undergoing its own storage-tastic makeover, which I can't wait to show you. It's gonna be bombin'. (Do people still say that?)

created at: 01/30/2013

This swing-arm lamp by Andrew Neyer might be my favorite thing in our entire office! I'd had my eye on it for a long, long time but never thought we'd find a good spot for it. Then, VOILA! We started on an office makeover that was just begging for some Crane Light love. Sometimes these things are just meant to be, you know? Sigh.

And now for a whole bunch of detail photos! Sit back, grab a beverage, and enjoy.

Every office needs a Gumby. And a geometric bear to hold bills.

created at: 01/30/2013

Coat racks aren't just for coats, people! Don't be afraid to use them for different purposes.

created at: 01/30/2013

My DIY leather mouse pads and tabletop trees. Also, TRIANGLES. I love 'em.

created at: 01/30/2013

Some inconspicuous storage -- those tins are packed full of random office-y things! Also, apparently I am obsessed with time?

created at: 01/30/2013

Part of my robot collection. Left to Right: Tank, Herbert, Maggie, Bonnie, Walt, and Curly. Yeah, I name all my robots.

created at: 01/30/2013

The Lisa Congdon print that started it all!

created at: 01/30/2013

And a closeup of the neon legs as well as the wood grain contact paper. Because why not? Closeups are cool.

created at: 01/30/2013

There you have it, folks! My mad-colorful, art-filled, triangle-crazy office!

For those interested, here's a source list:

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Kelly DeSousa on Feb 15, 2013:

oops, wrong blogger, haha... gorgeous makeover though!

Kelly DeSousa on Feb 15, 2013:

Brittni, can you please come over and do this to my whole house??  It seriously needs love.  And also I miss you, so that would work out nicely!  xo

Tanya on Feb 09, 2013:

capree - i love this, looks fantastic and was worth the wait.

Lynn Ceteras Huerta • Mixed Vintage on Feb 07, 2013:

Great new luck and the doggie in it's bed is my fave part (sorry table legs, you're #2 now).

CapreeK on Feb 05, 2013:

Thanks Karen! The contact paper is pretty light, but the wood grain is more obvious in person. Here's the exact contact paper I used if you're curious!

Karen on Feb 05, 2013:

Fabulous transformation!  I am curious...the wood grain contact on the desk...is it a very light grain?  It's hard to see, and I'd love to do a similar desktop project using contact paper.  Thanks!

Karen on Feb 05, 2013:

Fabulous transformation!!!  I'm trying to see the wood grain on the desk tops.  Is it a very light grain?  Love the wall color!

roeboat on Feb 04, 2013:

Oh my gosh... how darling is that makeover!  Awesome job.  If you get bored, you're surely welcome to come to my office/craft room and have at it.  lol  Seriously, it's beautiful, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it immensely.  I think I may have to get busy on mine after seeing what a difference it can make.  Thx for the inspiration. 

Regenia on Feb 04, 2013:

Looks great, thank you so much for sharing with us

Studio Inja on Feb 04, 2013:

WOW!! I have serious office envy! it turned out amazing! gorgeous did I say WOW yet?!

CapreeK on Feb 04, 2013:

Wow, thank you everyone!!

peacefulones.blogspot on Feb 04, 2013:

Nicely done. Bright, cheerful, clean - and inspiring. I redid my office after writing a dissertation. What a joyful chore! Just want to tell you, it changes again once you live in the space for a while. My makeover here: http://www.peacefulones.blogspot.com/2012/09/diy-peace-in-times-of-change.html

small office design on Feb 02, 2013:

Our recent cubicle design is poorly laid out and needs a improved makeover. I want to get a low cost way to get best designed furniture?

Mara on Jan 31, 2013:

This is so inspiring!  Beatuiful office; I love how personal it is.  I now see that offices are clearly the IDEAL place to keep quirky toy collections- I definately need a shelf like that for my collection of tiny vinyl smoking rabbits...

Meg Ruth on Jan 31, 2013:

You are incredible! Such vision! What will you come up with next? Do you even have anything left in your house to overhaul? Will you come do my room?

Sarah at Lumens on Jan 30, 2013:

Wooooo, love that ceiling light! The Crane Light is gorgeous too. Love how bright it is and organized but still rockin' the knick knacks :) awesome Capree!!

meredith.rene on Jan 30, 2013:

Oh my goodness. I didn't realize it was possible for me to love you more!!! I love the robots. Love the triangles. Love the legs. Love it all. You're the coolest.

Akiyo on Jan 30, 2013:

Thanks for answering! :D We'll have to look into both now!

Bruno on Jan 30, 2013:

Holy balls that looks amazing. You are talented.

alicia on Jan 30, 2013:

Bombin' for sure. I love it all! Great work, Capree!

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