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Capree’s Office Makeover, Part 2: The Quirky and Colorful Inspiration!

by on Jan 18, 2013

Oh hey, remember this? My super gross office? Yeah, that bad boy is getting a makeover no matter which way you look at it. Since I’m a visual person and a planner, inspiration boards are a must! Check out my color choices and product picks — and the spaces and artwork that inspired them — below!     


created at: 01/17/2013

I’ve been obsessed with this modern DIY office for a few years, ever since I spotted it on ManMade. It’s full of clever IKEA hacks (like the custom-fitted floating cabinets), original artwork, and pops of bold hues. Basically, it’s my dream office.

created at: 01/17/2013

Since our room layout is a little different than my aforementioned ‘dream office’ (one wall is home to a fairly large window — yay!), and I’m pretty dead set on the floating cabinet idea, I’m thinking a wall with some staggered shelving/cabinetry is the way to go. I love what Erin did with her open shelves (pictured above, left) as well as this layout I spotted in an old CB2 catalog. I will definitely be using these ideas… somehow!

created at: 01/17/2013

Now for the inspiration behind basically every other choice I’m making for our office: this print by Lisa Congdon. I’ve had this print framed for about a year, waiting for its time to shine. It’s a piece I really, really love and am happy to have influence the decor of our entire office. Plus, how awesome is that poncho? Get it, gurrrl!

created at: 01/17/2013

Using this artwork as a jumping off point, I’m digging the idea of a fresh-yet-neutral green for the walls. Fresh Cut Grass by Benjamin Moore is just bright and energizing enough without being overwhelming, plus, who doesn’t love fresh cut grass? I mean, besides allergy sufferers…

Our old office had two mis-matched desks that were simply too big for the room. Instead, we’re opting towards the ubiquitous VIKA AMON desktop from IKEA, with matching legs. But, white desks with white legs are boring, so we’re mixing it up by painting the legs neon pink (hey, why not?) and covering the desktop with a wood grain contact paper. More on that later!

And now for my favorite part: accessories and decor!

created at: 01/17/2013

I’ve been slowly snatching up pieces I love as they go on sale (open-box returns are where it’s at, people) and have an eye on pulling all of the above into our space! Can you tell I’m obsessed with triangles??

1. Mozia Clock 2. Pop 2 Light 3. Triangle Basket 4. Shuffle Calendar 5. Wall Hook (no longer available) 6. Birch Storage Boxes 7. Pony Sprout Chair 8. Spire Tins 9. Bjork Rug

So, there you have it! The inspiration behind our soon-to-be-revealed office makeover! Color and cabinets and more color and art and have I mentioned color?

Check back next week to see our DIY desk makeover!

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