Capree's Office Makeover: The Embarrassingly Bad and Completely Heinous 'Before'

Capree's Office Makeover: The Embarrassingly Bad and Completely Heinous 'Before'

Oh, that's right. I'm bringing out the big descriptive guns on this one, y'all. HEINOUS: it's the only word to describe the state of my home office, pre-makeover. The utter chaos is soul-crushing to look at; can you imagine working -- and attempting to be productive -- in that environment? No. You can't. Because it's impossible.

Obviously, something had to give and quickly. So, this last fall, my husband and I rolled up our sleeves and decided to finally do something about this mess. What you see above and below is the 'before' -- on a good day. Please don't judge... too harshly. (You can judge a little bit, I mean c'mon!)        

created at: 01/10/2013

We began with two random desks we'd picked up sometime during the last 6 years, plus the ubiquitous Billy bookcase from IKEA, and some mis-matched chairs. Add to that some heaping piles of junk, materials from that one time I took a quilting class, and various swag from a year's worth of conferences. As someone who generally likes things "just so" and a husband who tends towards OCD-ness, our home office was our hidden shame. The door was always closed when guests were over and we were embarrassed if anyone happened to peek inside.

created at: 01/10/2013

Enough was enough and we finally decided to get our at-home work lives in order, with the hopes of being more productive and bettering the overall energy in our home. We're both sensitive folk whose environments influence us for better or worse -- definitely for worse in this case. And with me working full-time in this space and my husband collaborating on creative projects with friends (Yes, IN THIS ROOM. Can you even... yuck!), we wanted a space that was energizing, organized, and completely cutter-free!

So, will we make this dream a reality? Check back next week for some inspiration boards and an idea of where we're taking this space!

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Ian on Oct 12, 2013:

Ah ha. So where is the after shots ?  I gather it looks the same but  with more clutter by now LOL.  We had the same issues but worse  our billy shelving with glass doors that were permenaltly closed.  The room was closing in with all the clutter leavong  barey room to turn the swivel chair.  

 "O'de to the purge"  I hope you finished the task. The result is well worth the pain. 

Oneirishmiss on Jan 18, 2013:

not cool...at all...

Pamela on Jan 14, 2013:

I just found this site and already, I feel at home. Trust me...you haven't seen messy until you've peeked in my office/craft room. I'm looking forward to the big reveal and getting some ideas for my space as well.

Pam R on Jan 14, 2013:

When your done come try fixing  MY office..I think mine is the WORST!

Aidel.K on Jan 14, 2013:

I can't believe I have to wait!!! I really appreciate your honesty in sharing a space that looks better than mine. I'm eager to be inspired.

CapreeK on Jan 11, 2013:

Thanks guys!! I'm excited for the big reveal! I hadn't looked at the "before" photos for a while before this post and I couldn't believe it. Yikes!

Sandra on Jan 10, 2013:

Same here, can't wait to see what you're going to do with it. 

Jules on Jan 10, 2013:

You've seen our 'before,' so no judging from this direction. I hope you love it when you're finished!

bruno on Jan 10, 2013:

Can't. Wait. 

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