The Curbly House Gets a Window Dressing Makeover: The Reveal

The Curbly House Gets a Window Dressing Makeover: The Reveal

A few months ago we moved into a tree house. Well, not exactly. It's a real house, but it has more windows than a zebra has stripes. We love them (windows, and zebras), but grew tired of accidentally showing off for the neighbors at night. We needed a barrier between our house and the 'hood. Read on to find out what we ended up with ...

To refresh your memory, here are some pictures of our naked windows:

created at: 01/08/2013

created at: 01/08/2013

So we started searching for window treatments. You can read more about that search here. After deciding blinds were the way to go and with some consultation with Ben from Blinds.com, we made our choices. We ordered 2" wooden blinds painted in a white finish

Ben recommended going with 2"-wide blinds, because our windows are large, and he felt a 1" blind would feel too busy. He was totally right. To mount the 2" blinds on our 3/4 inch trim, we ordered a valance to hide the pulley system. This piece gives the blinds a polished look, and makes them look like they were meant to be on our windows. 

A few weeks later our order was complete and our front porch was filled with boxes o' blinds. Bruno and I have a secret love of good packaging, and as soon as we opened the first box I squealed, because the packaging was perfect. Everything was labeled, organized, wrapped, and easy to navigate. Bruno dove right in and began installing the blinds.

Everything nicely packaged from Blinds.com

We allowed about 3 hours (about 30 minutes per blind) for the installation process. The first blind was the hardest, and took the full 30 minutes, but the remaining seven blinds were installed within an hour! Woot! 

Installation is straightforward.

created at: 01/09/2013

When the blinds are up, they're so subtle you hardly notice them. In fact, initially, no one did because they fit so perfectly with the character of our house. This is exactly what we hoped for. Instead, people asked when our new windows were installed, which is probably the biggest compliment you can pay to 100-year-old windows. 


created at: 01/09/2013

We love the blinds for a million reasons, but these three stand out:

1. We can control the amount of light that filters into our house at all points of the day and night.

2. We have total privacy at night.

3. They are easy to clean. 

created at: 01/09/2013

If your windows are in need of some love, be sure to check out our giveaway. You could win one of two $500 Blinds.com gift cards! It's quick and free to enter. Click here to find out how. Your windows will love their new digs and you will too!

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This post was sponsored by Blinds.com, and they donated product for us to review; however, all opinions are mine alone.



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lafemmediy on Jan 16, 2013:

Ohhh...  I'm sad you painted over that pretty wood.  :-(
The blinds are nice, though.  I like the thicker ones vs. the regular skinny ones.

alicia on Jan 16, 2013:

No worries, Claudia! All comments are welcome and yours are very appreciated. Part of the beauty of making your house your own is that you get to create a space that makes you happy. White woodwork works for us (and, you're right, the photos don't quite illustrate the character that is still very present), but it doesn't work for everyone. Thanks again for the feedback! 

Claudia on Jan 15, 2013:

I hope my post didn't sound harsh. If you like it, that's all that matters. A person (like me) can look at a picture and give an opinion, but I'm not the person who lives there and and has gone through the remodeling and knows what works and doesn't work in that particular space. I've really liked all your other posts about your house - you both are fabulous renovators.  



Roseanna on Jan 15, 2013:

I have these in just about every room in the house..."Pledge" them for no dust attrraction!

Suzie on Jan 14, 2013:

I like the clean look of painting it.  We have lots of wood in our house, but painted the window trim white, and also added blinds, as it's a nice clean look, and adds contrast to all the wood.  I like what you did... much brighter and nicer looking than the b4's.  wtg!

Linda T. on Jan 14, 2013:

We have 1930s chestnut trim in all our rooms and many people have 'told me off' about painting such beauties, but I have to live here (30+ years) and I like colour!  My kitchen is mustard yellow with bright red windows and doors (a la South American)  I left the dark wood in the dining room and living room, because it goes with the wall clours, but previous owners and tenants have made so many holes and tape marks on them, they need refinishing anyway.

Meantime, I was stuck with venitian blinds when I was first married and I loath them.  I hate the look and hate to clean them.  (Had metal ones which could cut your hand if you're not careful) 

Meantime.  Please make sure you tie the long strings up high, as I have 35 year old photos of,  1)  Our new dacshund puppy all twisted up in lots of cord, and then a short time later, 2) Our toddler trying to play with the cord and getting it round her neck!  Luckily, she was never left alone, but I quickly tied those strings way out of her reach!

jasi on Jan 12, 2013:

house looks to have a lot of character. painting white with plain blinds looks a shame. it's worth it if you enjoy it but then again, why not a modern style home?

Madison House on Jan 12, 2013:

Considering my 1905 home had all the trim caked in white paint and I've spent 10 years stripping, sanding, staining and restoring it, I'm sad to see you painted yours....

alicia on Jan 12, 2013:

DIY Maven: There will be some fireplace showcasing to come!

Claudia: I completely appreciate your comment. I know that painting woodwork can be controversial - people fall on both sides of the matter. In this case, for us, it ended up being the right choice. We are fully aware that if we ever sell this house, the next owners may curse our names. But, we're really happy with the way it looks and love the way we were able to keep some of the original darker wood tones on the fireplace mantle and stairwell.  

Anonymous on Jan 09, 2013:

Lucky... you got the right size of the blind!

Claudia on Jan 09, 2013:

I really liked the original wood; refinishing it would have cleaned it up and lightened it.  I'm not trying to criticize your choice, but there's something so warm and inviting about natural wood - plus, it's original to the house..  And once it's painted over, you really can't go back.

DIY Maven on Jan 09, 2013:

B: To be honestly, I love the look of white woodwork too, but the idea of painting natural wood (if it's in good shape) makes me sad.  

A: No protest will be waged...if we're able to see the fireplace sometime.

bruno on Jan 09, 2013:

Yeah ... much of the wood was in decent shape before we started the remodel, but remember we ended up gutting and rebuilding all the walls and ceilings. So in the transition from plaster to sheetrock, all the walls shifted slightly, trim moved, etc. So preserving all the wood would have been really tough (we would have had to re-sand and re-stain it all).

Plus, we like the white!

alicia on Jan 09, 2013:

Protest away... not really, though. The truth is, going into the remodel the wood was in mediocre condition (some of it was great, but the majority of it was pretty banged up, water damaged, etc.). And, much of it was painted yellow and mint green. So, we repaired it, replaced some trim pieces, and painted it all white. We did not touch the fireplace, though, so we still have some gorgeous wood goin' on. 

DIY Maven on Jan 09, 2013:

Wait a minute....did you paint your trim or was it already painted (brown)??? Because if you painted over wood, I just might have to wage a protest. Unless it wasn't in good condition. If so, you get a pass. :)

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