Teach a man to sew….clothe him for a lifetime.

by on Apr 4, 2007

I’m a postmodern guy: I recognize the social construction of gender roles, and the institutionalized injustices that pre-determine one’s lifestyle based on gender identity, social background, economic status, and education.

So, last night- when my wife was out of town- shhh..don’t tell [not because I’m ashamed, but because she’ll get mad at me for spending money]- I bought a sewing machine. It’s a middle-of-the-road Singer, which I hope I won’t outgrow in a few months, but doesn’t include robots and German accents and stuff.

On the way home, I stopped by the bookstore to check out the how-to literature. Unfortunately, the craft book publishers are not as politically alert as I. All the introductory materials:

1. Are obviously designed for women, and unfortunately, by the sheer quantity of frills and awful French Country fabrics, are designed for women whom have poor taste.

2.Presume that this will become a full-time career, and tell you to buy twelve pairs of scissors, four pizza cutters, and a spool of thread in all 256 colors.

I saw plenty of hipster knitting guides- even one designed for men- but the crafty publishers are totally behind in the sewing department.

What should I read? Are there books that are designed for home projects instead of dance-recital costumes? Are there magazines that do any better? Websites? (I do watch the excellent Threadbanger Videos).

Don’t let my wife be right! I can do this!

Some person is teaching how to use sewing maching.