How To: Make a Rustic Storage Desk from Wooden Pallets

How To: Make a Rustic Storage Desk from Wooden Pallets

I love a good desk DIY, especially when it involves recycled materials, and this tutorial is definitely a good one. There is even a storage shelf for books, pencils, etc. Check it out.   

The unfinished desk top has a cool, rustic feel. Don't you think? You can see the full tutorial on CasaHaus right here.

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Thoralf on Jan 24, 2014:

For those with troubeled mind about chemicals in pallets: simply use one-way pallets of Coka-Cola, Dogfood-bags, gardensoil bags etc.! The wood of those pallets aren't treated (they are soposed to hold only one trip!) and for sure wasn't leaking any poison into the pallet-wood ;) Most big markets are happy to get right of such kind of pallets

Clara on Apr 09, 2013:

To shakingmyhead: there are over 400 million Spanish speakers. Welcome to Earth.

shakingmyhead on Jan 17, 2013:

I'm sorry but the site you referred us to for the How-To is in SPANISH!  So just how am I supposed to read it?

Also, the stair bannister table looks kinda dirty and disgusting.  I'm all for distressed and shabby chic but this one looks like it came straight from the dumpster, and not just place in the dumpster but chucked.  The bannisters are all crooked and the thing looks like it would fall apart if you put anything on it.   Would you really put this in your home?

terri lane on Jan 03, 2013:

Thanks for sharing this. I love DIY stuffs and i will try if I can also make a pallet project.

zero34 on Jan 02, 2013:

"make sure you're well acquainted with the wood source"

and when it comes to pallets, the is absolutely NO way to track it's origins, the products it carried, the routes it has traveled, the places it's been, the potential chemicals it's been sitting in, etc.etc. and then to bring this into your house? no one knows what these could be off-gasing. 

I laugh when i read about blogs that pat themselves on the back for using low-VOC paint and then say "look at the table we made using reclaimed pallets". I'd rather use a high-voc paint and never touch one of these in my life again. and as i said the first time, i used to be pro-pallets!

Roberta on Jan 02, 2013:

zero34 makes a great point - I never would have thought about the danger pallet wood might pose. I'm all about reclaimed wood too, but just goes to show you really have to do your homework and make sure you're well acquainted with the wood source.

zero34 on Jan 02, 2013:

i used to be Pro-pallet reclamation, until i read an article about how INSANE some of the chemical products found in random pallets can be. The study was based on what seemed like perfectly clean pallets, and it went into detail about how pallets have NO tracking system, how they get used for 1000's of usages, from food transport to chemical transportation, often under leaking barrels of god-knows-what conctions of such chemicals. 


all that to say, I'd be incredbly hard pressed to use these for ANYTHING other then returning them to be used as a pallet. I don't think i'd use these are firewood to keep me warm after an apocolypse! I just wish a knowledgable site like Curbly would take such things into concideration and do their readers a favor and not post such "DIY" projects with such a potentially dangerous by-product...

ReMadeIt on Dec 29, 2012:

This looks amazing.  I can't believe you turned an ugly old pallet into this. We did something similar with some old roofing boards and some stair banisters. Take a look if you get a chance - Stair Banister Table
created at: 12/29/2012

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