DIY Cross-Stitch Sweater

DIY Cross-stitch Sweater

No, we're not talking granny sweaters... we're thinking of the modern spin to an old look, with over-sized and bold patterns.  This very simple heart pattern would be easy to duplicate and is perfect for the cooler weather.  

Madeline of Uber Chic for Cheap really loved the giant cross-stitch look on a trendy, albeit pricey, sweater.  The basic idea was so simple, however, that she decided to take matters into her own hands and pulled out her needle and thread and created her own similar look for much, much less money.

created at: 12/25/2012

Madeline also shares how she made her sweater, and offers three different downloadable templates to get things moving easier for everyone. Check out her instructions and different hearts on her blog, Uber Chic for Cheap.

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Angie S. on Jan 20, 2013:


As a random person who was reading this page I understand part of your frustration but thought I would let you know that the how-to-visual here is not enough to figure out how to actually do the project. I still have to click on the original article... just sayin'.

Madeline on Jan 15, 2013:

As the author of this post, I have to say I'm a little sad you included my visual tutorial in this post without asking for my consent. If someone can see the instructions here, they have no motivation to click to the original article.

I do appreciate that you liked the project enough to share it with your readers, but I would prefer if the how-to visual were removed from the post.

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