Roundup: Unique Gifts-In-a-Jar Recipes

Roundup: Unique Gifts-In-a-Jar Recipes
Our friends at Food Network, Cooking Channel and Food have great collections of gift-in-a-jar (or gift-in-a-bag when appropriate) projects perfect for Christmas gift-giving. So, I've gone through their coffers and tried to find more unique recipes that will surprise (and impress) those on our

Christmas lists.

created at: 12/11/2012

  1. Forget the cocoa and try Country Cappuccino Mix for something a bit different. 
  2. Nothing says Christmas quite like Holiday Mulling Spices.
  3. Chai tea is still going strong in popularity, which means it would surely be a hit.
  4. Did I say 'forget the cocoa'? Maybe not this Spiced Hot Cocoa which gets its kick from freshly ground black pepper.
    created at: 12/11/2012
  5. If you have a baker on your list Blue Cornbread with Pineapple will surely raise an inquisitive eyebrow.
  6. Infusions, like this Olive Oil with Rosemary and Pink Peppercorns, are not only tasty but pretty. 
    created at: 12/11/2012
  7. Kettle corn isn't new, but adding sesame seeds to it is, like in this Sweet and Sesame Kettle Corn recipe.
  8. Praise Jesus and pass the Salted Caramel Sauce
  9.  Not too sweet, not too sour, Apricot-Dark Chocolate Trial Mix will keep the hikers you love moving.
  10. Breakfast with a buzz?? Yup, with Morning Buzz Granola.






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