Roundup: Stunning Christmas Cookies

Roundup: Stunning Christmas Cookies

When you think about it, decorated Christmas cookies fall into two primary categories. There's the 'cute' category filled with smiling Santa faces and candy cane shapes and such, and then there's the 'stunning work of art' cookies. In this roundup, we're going to looking at some of those that fall into the second bunch. Gorgeous, too pretty to eat and utterly inspirational. Enjoy!

created at: 12/07/2012

1. We're starting out with a glittering gingerbread cookie from Not Without Salt. Recipe included!

2. You might not think of pink when you think of Christmas, but these cookies spotted by It's Just Me makes pink perfect.

3. This set of six Red and White Orange Vanilla Spice Cookies are actually available at SweetAmbs's Esty shop for a cool $84. (Too pretty AND too expensive to eat!)

4. I wouldn't mind turning my lips blue with these cookies from Mad Baker.

created at: 12/07/2012

5. These cookies from Zoe Bakes may be minimally frosted, but they're maximally beautiful. 

6. Springerle Cookies are in a class by themselves; they're also beautiful without a heavy dose of frosting. You can find the recipe at Delish.

7. Sparkly and delicate, these snowflake cookies are available at Rolling Pin Productions.

created at: 12/07/2012

8. Martha liked Tracy Marie's porcelaine white snowflakes so much, she featured them in her "Your Best Decorated Cookies" slideshow.

9. Carol loved these Tiffany blue and white cookies so much, she Pinned them

10. Another blue and perfectly piped collection of cookies. Jocelyn at Kuidaore is the expert behind their creation.

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Lorne Marr on Dec 13, 2012:

The decoration on the snowflakes and trees reminds me of my grandmother and the cookies she used to made for us on Christmas, when were kids. Plus she had this "secret recipe" for walnut sticks in white sugar topping.

DesigningMom on Dec 10, 2012:

These photos are so making me want to make Christmas cookies this year. I hate baking though. It's so messy! Maybe I can buy a mix or worst yet premade dough? Think anyonewould know if I made them look as pretty as the above cookies? Decorating I love!

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