How To Safely De-Funk-i-fy Your Drains

Have you ever walked past your kitchen sink and got a whiff of funk? You flip the disposal switch and hope that will take care of the stench, but the malodorous cloud remains, emanating, we assume, from foodbits caught in your P-trap. Here’s an easy and SAFE way to eliminate the problem.

All you need is some baking soda, vinegar (the cheapest you can find will do nicely), and a few cups of boiling water.

How To Safely De-Funk-i-fy Your Drains

First, sift a cup or so of soda directly into your drain; next, pour about a cup of vinegar into the soda. (Here you will get a flashback of elementary school science class. Remember soda and vinegar volcanoes?) Then, pour two cups or more of boiling water down the drain. And voila, no more reek-age.

Of course you can be proactive with your funk by doing this simple process every now and then to keep your pipes clean and the funk at bay.

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