IKEA Kitchen Makeover with a Modern Vibe

IKEA Kitchen Makeover with a Modern Vibe

Although this kitchen had bright white cabinets, they couldn't make up for the bank of overhead cabinets that closed off the space and made it rather dark. Out went the over head cabinets and in went....nothing. The old cabinets were replaced by IKEA Abstrackt in high-gloss white and Nexus brown/black. As for that cool new backsplash? Those tiles came from Lowes. For more pictures of the makeover, check out this page at Eco-Modernism.

created at: 11/16/2012

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Brittany on Nov 18, 2012:

I saw the before pic and immediately thought 'ugh, I hope they got rid if those upper cabinets'; I hate those things with a passion. Anyway, nice job on your kitchen Anita.

AnitaN on Nov 17, 2012:

The built in pantry, to the right of the oven actually added more storage than the uppers we removed. (This is my kitchen and I love it more and more every day.)

Becky on Nov 17, 2012:

Actually, a minimum of wall cabinets (2, usually) is sufficnet storage for any kitchen. What goes in a wall cabinet are glasses & mugs. Everything else can happily live in a base cabinet - a base cabinet with drawers. Full extension drawers offer 40% more usable storage capacity than doors + shelves. Pleanty of room for dishes & bowls, cutlery, small countertop appliances, & even a large soup pot.

Thanks for the mention, & cheers!

Becky, Eco-Modernism

IrenaMM on Nov 17, 2012:

Fancy. I like!

Anonymous on Nov 16, 2012:

Love the look, but looks like they  lost a LOT of cupboard space...where did they put all of the lost storage??

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