Gift Guide: 12 Great Gifts for DIYers, Crafters and Artists

Gift Guide: 12 Great Gifts for DIYers, Crafters and Artists

If you're like me, you probably have a few DIYers, crafters and/or artists on your Christmas list this year. You might also be running out of ideas for gifts to give these creative individuals, especially if they've been on your nice list for awhile. I mean, seriously, how many bar clamps does one person need? (More on this later.) In an effort to make our gift shopping a little easier this holiday season, here are some ideas for those such folks. And...there's something for any budget.

We'll start with the DIYers and woodworkers. 

I bought Sweetie his first Japanese pull saw a few years ago. It was love at first sight. Here's one from Rockler, the Ryoba Takuma 240mm Ryoba ($50).

Takuma 240mm Ryoba Saw

This is another one that Sweetie uses a lot. The almighty calipers.  Granger has a ton to choose from and in a nice range of price points from $40 to $300.

Dial Caliper, 0-6 In, 1 5/8 In Jaw

Now the answer to the bar clamp question: unlimited. Honestly, I don't know any woodworker who thinks s/he can have too many of them. They're available in many sizes and varieties, but these 12" Irwin SL300 are a nice, versatile length. (We use ours all the time.) These are available at Home Depot, but you can find them just about anywhere.

created at: 11/09/2012

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A few years back I FINALLY replaced our old Craftsman Glue Gun with a Surebonder, and it was like going from a Mazda to a Mercedes. This one, called the Surebonder Pro High-Temp Heat Gun has two settings. 

Surebonder HE-750 Professional High Temp 2 Heater Glue Gun

Have a DSLR newbee on your list? Digital Camera Review created a list of  essential upgrades for beginners, which includes a fixed focus/prime 50mm or 85mm lens, external flash, neutral density filter and a Gorillapod among others. Click here to read why these would make great gifts for the fledgling photog.

Pentax Prime Lens

Crafters and croppers need Self-Healing Cutting Mats. Blicks has a bunch to choose from in various sizes from around $6 to $59.


Artists and crafters alike would love some Prismacolor Premium Double-Ended Markers. Also available from Blicks, they come in a variety of sets (from 6 to up to 156) and, thus, price points. 

Set of 6
Set of 72

Portable sketchbooks are a necessity for all artists or creative souls. This one from Barnes & Noble ($13) is a nice, affordable choice. 

Sketches,Sketches Spiral Sketchbook (8.5.x 11)

For writers & poets, lined journals are always a great gift. These fresh, leather journals from Eccolo (around $9) from Amazon are quite nice.

created at: 11/09/2012

Confession. I don't have a rotary cutter. Shameful! The one on my Christmas list this year? This one from Gingher ($35). It's for righties, but they have one for lefties ($25) too.

For traditional fabric cutting this Kai 520 8" Dressmaking Shears ($22) would be a fabulous choice. 

created at: 11/09/2012

For crafters on your list, you might want to consider entering them in a craft-of-the-month club. This one from Lullubee is available in a one month trial as well as 3, 6 and 12 month options. Every month of enrollment, your loved one will receive a box filled with materials and detailed instructions you need to complete that month's featured project. Besides the standard version, they also offer a kid version too. Both cost $29 per month. 




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