Lightbulb Greenhouse from Recycled Materials



Lightbulb Greenhouse from Recycled Materials


Everything must simply be better when its small, and/or under glass. Cats are selfish; kittens? ADORable! Likewise, boats are totally boring, but a ship-in-a-bottle?! None cooler.

Set atop a more aesthetically pleasing 'cradle', a series of these 'greenhouses' would look delightful along a windowsill- perfectly playful and exuding life.

(Instructions and photos via tearsoffire.org)

1. Hollow out a lightbulb, following these instructions and being ridiculously careful. 

2. Create a cradle: The gentleman from Tearsoffire used an inverted coffee cup with the bottom removed, but I challenge all to find a cooler option. Post 'em below!

3. Combine inert media/porous rocks with potting soil, in a 1:1 ratio.

4. Using bamboo skewers, carefully plant your baby greenery. 



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