Clever Storage Idea: DIY Toilet Paper Roll Caddy

Clever Storage Idea: DIY Toilet Paper Roll Caddy

We throw so many empty toilet paper tubes away (at least I throw a lot of them away... *shifty eyes*); it seems a downright shame not to do something with them, right? So, when I spotted this simple, 10-minute DIY storage idea on Aunt Peaches, I recognized the pure, crafty genius of it immediately. This! This was the "something"!     

If you've got a shoe box, some cute wrapping paper, and about 18 toilet paper tubes (who doesn't?), then you've got an office supply caddy in the making. The rest is pretty simple -- just wrap and stuff with empty rolls.

Nice one, Aunt Peaches. Nice one indeed.

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Crazy dog lady in Bakersdield! on Aug 06, 2017:

This is one of my favorite pintrest ideas! I have a small pen fetish, but no way to organize them that would accommodate my shear volume. So... I made 2 of these and they're awesome. I had one small failure when my cat pulled one of them off the desk, but otherwise - terrific!

Anonymous on Nov 11, 2013:

I am that weirdo that recycles my tp tubes. At my parents house, they make excellent wood stove starters :)

Anonymous on Dec 26, 2012:

I would wrap the outside tubes so when their empty you don't seethe raw cardboard, can yours a contrasting paper for interest or spray with a solid color.

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