How To: Find Your Perfect Color Palette

color yarn

I'm not exactly sure how to describe Design Seeds' color palette finder; although I do know that it takes more time to explain than to do. But here goes anyway: it's a method by which to find a color palette based upon a single color value. You select the value using R/G/B sliders. Then, when you've found the color that's most pleasing to you, you click 'Go get it!' and the finder presents several palettes using that color. For example, I slid the sliders around to get the color below*.

created at: 10/22/2012

And here's just two of the of the seven palettes that were created:

curried autumn

color entrance

If you don't have any color in mind to start with, you can also search palettes by using theme, which include such titles as Global, Mineral, and Creatures, to name  a few of the 15 themes offered. Below is one from the Creatures selection, and the first picture on this post was from the Crafted category. Ultimately, their palette finder is totally fun and inspiring. Click here to get started.

heron hues

*Be advised, as you tweak the sliders, not ALL selections will result in a palette.

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